Pest Exclusion



The best defense is a good offense!!

That’s why pest exclusion is one of the best defenses you can have.

The Pest Detective’s exclusion work consists of sealing potential entrance points using different materials, depending on the area and other factors.

We will use an exclusion fabric made from stainless steel and poly fibers that keeps mice, rats and insect pests from entering your home or business quickly and permanently.

These materials will not discolor or stain like regular steel wool, copper wool or expanding foam and forms a more secure barrier under siding, around pipes, weep holes and almost any non-electrical area around your home or business.

We will seal small openings around windows and doors up to a height of ten feet using clear silicone caulking.

Keep in mind that we do not do any carpentry or concrete repairs however some areas might be able to be covered with hardware cloth or plugged with stainless steel wool as a method for rodent control.

Call us to set up an appointment and we can go over the specifics and get you started on keeping your property pest free.